Tuesday, October 6, 2015

September 2015: The fascination of a Sax

Nowadays every town has to have its festival. The little dump where i live does not want to be an exception. So every year they scratch the money together they can get and organise the Strandwalfestival.

Of course there has to be live music and a couple of bands. One of the stages is in a quite nice location in a clearing in a park. And sometimes they get a real star. This year it was Candy Dulfer, saxophonist and the daughter of.....

And she is great, versatile, and, forever young. And since 35 years accompanied by guitarist Ulco Bed.

If you look at her tour schedule with concerts all over the world it really is a miracle that she would play before a couple of hunderd people in our park 

Candy, influenced by her father, started to play saxophone when she was six years old. And of course she played her first success, ""lily was here", the sound track to the film "De Kassiere", which she played with Dave Stewart of the Eurythmics. She also played with people like Maceo Parker, Blondie, Van Morrison and even Pink Floyd


And here are some tips for october:


WED.          7.10.               Public Image
FRI/SAT.     9.10./10.10.    Gregory Porter, The King of Jazz
SUN.           25.10.             Patti Smith, Horses


SUN            4.10.               Kovacs
SAT.            10.10.             Saybia
THU.           15.10.             Golden Earring
FRI.             16.10.             Hallo Venray
MON.          19.10.             Randy Newman in Zuiderstrandtheater
WED.          21.10./22.10.  Blof
THU.           29.10.             Matt Simmons


SUN.            11.10.            Dee Dee bridgewater
WED.           14.10.            The Cat Empire
SAT.             17.10.            Ricky Lee Jones
THU.            22.10.            Randy Newman
SUN.            24.10.            Patti Smith, Horses