Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March 2015 Sleater Kinney and JJ Grey

We all regretted that Mike stopped with the monthly account of the "Music in his mind". We urged him to continue, but to no avail. But we are all eager to go to more concerts. So I decided to start a similar blog of my own - in the hope, of course, to sometimes drag Mike out of his hole, because this never can be a replacement for what he did.

I hope this will be on a regular, maybe monthly basis, but don't expect too much. A start is made.

Sleater Kinney is an all girls rockband from Portland, Oregon. After 9 years they reunited and we went to their show in the great Paradiso in Amsterdam.

The band, Corin Tucker (vocals and guitar), Carrie Brownstein (guitar and vocals), and Janet Weiss (drums) can be considered as part of the west coast riot girl and indie rock scene. They are known for their feminist and left leaning attitude.
They were praised the best rock band in 2001 and greatest living rock band in 2015, and really, they know how to scream in high pitch. Anyway, i forgot to take ear plugs and i really was afraid that my right ear, turned to the speakers, had taken irreversible dammage since it was numb and ringing for two days....

Then on saturday, the 28th, quite the opposite. Blues rock from the east coast, JJ Grey&Mofro and Marc Broussard in the Paard. It was their last concert of the latest European tour and JJ repeatedly announced his intention that he would play until drunk enough to have to stop. 
So we were treated with 3 and a half hours of Blues and Jazz Rock at its finest. With musicians great enough that they were actually able to present themselves playing several solos each during the evening. This is something i increasingly miss with a lot of the late contemporary bands.... they play well as a group, but none of them dares to stand out.
We don't think JJ really stopped because he couldn't stand on his feet any more, but we hope that he enjoyed his plastic cups of beer well enough to come back.
So what is going on next month? I have listened through the video clips on the agenda's of a couple of venues and this is what i found interesting. If you have more suggestions, please leave a comment:

08.04. kleine zaal CARL PALMER'S EMERSON, LAKE & PALMER LEGACY, legendary rock
10.04 kleine zaal MONOMYTH & SHAKING GODSPEED, alternative they call it. I would call it good old rock
11.04 grote zaal THE GENTLE STORM FT. ANNEKE VAN GIERSBERGEN, sounds like one of the good old rock operas
18.04 kleine zaal BABY DEE (PRESENTED BY MUZINE) sounds very much like an  extravagante blend of classical songs and modern songwriters
25.04 kleine zaal TEXAS RADIO, THE AFTERVEINS & THIN PILLOW an evening of psychedelic and punky regional bands

11.04 too late …. the concert of BETH HART is already sold out
17.04 RATS ON RAFTS post punk from Rotterdam
23.04 CITIZENS indiepopband from London

21.04 GANG OF FOUR post punk
26.04 TIKEN JAH FAKOLY African reggae

16.04 THE DEAF no comment necessary for this favourite of Mike….

 And, don’t forget, on april 17th, you can test your knowledge at the pop quiz in the Paard’s cafe



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