Tuesday, June 30, 2015

July 2015 Robert Cray and the Jazzdag

The master of the blues gituar, Robert Cray, played full house in the paard last month.
Crays band consists of Richard Cousins plazing the bass, Dover Weinber on keybords and Les Falconer on drums.
And of course he plyed his most famous song, strong persuader

Completely different stuff was going on Rotterdam. The North Sea Jazz festival is coming up and the town needs full two weeks to warm up.
On saturday was the official contest for the european jazz competition. The competition was won by Flash Pig, but my favorite was the open source trio.   
And this was the last act of the evening, Sarah Jane 

The paard is closed in June and July. But the month starts with the Parade festival, which has a good selection of music. And there is still Amsterdam and Rotterdam....


14.07 TUE bluegrass singer Rhonda Vincent ... bring your handkerchief
24.07 FRI the legendary Gregg Allman of the Allman brothers
28.07 TUE blues guitarist George Thorogood

08.08 SAT the legendary and last original reggae legend Jimmy Cliff


02.07 THU Franz Ferdinand  .... famous Indie band is already sold out
24.07 FRI the Mission, established rock from the 80ties
09.08 SUN Bad Religion, punkrock dating back to mike's seventies


20.07 MON The Growlers, psychedelic pop from LA
22.07 WED Deerhof, a mixture of punk and psychedelic rock
13.08 THU Sunset Sons, are compared by Rotwon to the kings of Leon

If you are into Jazz check out the almost daily performances in DIZZY as part of the North Sea Jazz Festival until mid of July

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