Saturday, November 21, 2015

November 2015: Patty Smith

The highlight of October. Patti Smith, 69 years, on the replay of "Horses", he first album recorded in 1975. 
Since 1974, when she founded her band, the guitarist, bassist and rock archivist Lenny Kaye.
Patti Smith was a fusion of poetry and music, the origin of the punk movement and, with her book 'just kids'of her time with Robert Mapplethorpe, also a prize winning writer.
On January 23, 1977, while touring in support of Radio Ethiopia, her second album Patti Smith accidentally danced off a high stage in Tampa, Florida, and fell 15 feet into a concrete orchestra pit, breaking several neck vertebrae. The injury required a period of rest and an intensive round of physical therapy, during which time she was able to reassess, re-energize and reorganize her life. Patti Smith Group produced two further albums before the end of the 1970s.
Even with that, and now being 69, she is still full of energy, and a clearly outspoken message.
oday she tours with her son Jackson, of her marriage with Fred Sonic Smith
Other band members today are Jay Dee Daugherty on drums and Tony Shanahan on Bass. 


WED 2.12.        Shantal and Bucovina Club Orchestra, eastern european paprika sound
FRI 4.12.           The sleaze express tour with The Deaf, ZZZ and Green Hornet
SUN 5.12.         Julie Scott, frequently compared to Jeff Buckley en PJ Harvey.
FRI 18.12.         Sabrina Starke, a strong beautiful soul voice
FRI 18.12          La Pegatina, latino rock from Spain


TUE 24.11.        The Cinematic Orchestra
THU 9.12.          K's choice
FRI 10.-12.12     De Dijk
THU 16.-17.12.  Blof


SUN 22.11.        Kacey Musgraves, coutries finest
FRI 11.12.         Masmo Park
SUN 20.12.       New Model Army, actie since 35 years
SUN 6.3.2016   10CC


MON 7.12.       K's choice
THU 17.12.      De Kift, not to be missed, in the Paradijskerk
SAT 30.1.2016 Maions du Malheur, not to be missed, Tom Waits blues, Location VII


MON 30.11.      Golden Earring
TUE 1.12.         Texas
TUE 1.12.         K's choice, fresh rock from Belgium
WED 2.12.        Whitensake, the famous old rockers
THU. 4.12.        Bombino, from Niger, the Jimi Hendrix of the desert
SUN 6.12.         Sophie Hunger
WED 9.12.        De Dijk
FRI 18.12          The Nits, 40 years of Dutch Rock
WED 23.12.       Ben Kaplan and the Casual Smokers, crazy mix of writer, country singer and rock
WED 30.12.       Jaya The Cat, dirty drunk reggae

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